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Robert Asprin - Myth-Ion Improbable

Robert Asprin - Myth-Ion Improbable

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Myth-Ion Improbable
by Robert Asprin

Author’s Note:

If this book is your first exposure to the Myth-Adventures of Aahz and Skeeve, there is no reason for you to read this note. Proceed directly to the main body of the work and enjoy.

If, however, you have been following this series for some time, some explanations are in order. Specifically, as to why you are now holding this volume instead of the long awaited, long promised episode titled Something Myth I.N.C..

As was noted in Authors Note of the previous volume, Sweet Myth-tery of Life (which was also late in being written), I have been going through some difficult times in my life. Since that volume was released in 1994, much of those difficulties revolved around a five to six year death duel with the IRS over back taxes. The less said about that, the better.

When that matter was resolved in April of 2000, I re-applied myself to writing the two overdue Myth novels, only to find myself in a dilemma. The first problem was that it had been over seven years since I had written Aahz and Skeeve, and it was extremely difficult after that long a hiatus to recapture the style and rhythm of the narration and dialogue that had made the series unique. To complicate things, the story I was attempting to convey, titled Something Myth I.N.C.., was the most complex tale I had attempted in the Myth series, as it not only involves multiple viewpoints, but also occurs simultaneously with events contained in Sweet Myth-tery of Life..

After nearly half a year of wrestling with these difficulties a friend of mine made a suggestion. Specifically, why not write another, simpler story first…something from Skeeve’s earlier days with Aahz. That would enable me to relearn the Myth writing style, after which I could tackle the more convoluted story Something Myth I.N.C..

The result is the volume you are currently holding. Sequentially, it occurs between volumes three (Myth Direction) and four (Hit or Myth). If the plan holds, it will be followed VERY shortly by Something Myth I.N.C..

As always, thank you for your loyalty and patience.


Для тех, кто забыл про старые книжки.

А ещё все они есть на lib.ru.
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