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Гениальный текст из февральского Esquire

26 films that can be spoiled in one line

  1. The Usual Suspects. It's him (стрелка на Cпейси).
  2. The Crying Game. She's a he.
  3. Jackob's Ladder. He's dead.
  4. Carnival of Souls. So's she.
  5. The Others. They're all dead.
  6. The Sixth Sense. Oh yeah, and him too.
  7. Psycho. His mom's been dead for years.
  8. The Matrix. Keanu really is "The one"
  9. My Little Eye. It's a snuff movie.
  10. The Wizard of Oz. He's behind the curtain.
  11. Fight Club. Brad's just in Ed's head.
  12. Star Wars episode III. See the beginning of Episode IV.
  13. Blade Runner. Harrison's a replicant, too.
  14. Don't Look Now. It's now a ghost, it's a poison dwarf.
  15. When a Stranger Calls. He's inside the house.
  16. Planet of The Apes (1968). It's Earth in the future.
  17. Raiders for The Lost Ark. Don’t open the box.
  18. Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. It's the crap cup.
  19. Charade. It's the stamps.
  20. Basic Instinct. She did it. (!!! Нифига не согласен !!!)
  21. Shattered. He did it.
  22. Jaws. The big fish did it.
  23. Murder of The Orient Express. They all did it.
  24. Titanic. He drowns.
  25. Cast Away. The volleyball drowns.
  26. Vanilla Sky. Who cares?
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