Чак (auto194419) wrote,

HSW: Urban legends

Сегодня рассказывают про urban legends.


Another tale tells of a drunk driver who is pulled over by the police. The officer asks the man to step out of the car for a sobriety test, but just as the test is about to begin, a car veers into a ditch up the road. The officer runs to help the other driver, and the drunk man takes the opportunity to flee the scene. When he gets home, he falls fast asleep on the couch. In the morning, he hears a loud knocking on his door and opens it to find the police officer from the night before. The man swears up and down he was home all night, until the officer asks to have a look in his garage. When he opens the door, he's shocked to see the officer's police cruiser parked there instead of his own car.
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